About BLU

The mission of BLU SEA MOSS is to always provide the highest QUALITY product and CUSTOMER SERVICE to our customers in the most Earth-friendly, sustainable ways possible.

Blu is hand-made in small batches and shipped fresh the same day in Los Angeles, California. Our Sea Moss is sourced from Fruits n' Rootz, a company that sells tropical fresh fruits as well as sea moss and other herbs. This sea moss is wildcrafted, sustainably harvested, and sun-dried by local divers in Grenada.

It is then shipped to us in Los Angeles, where it is rinsed and thoroughly cleaned with organic key lime juice. This detail and care we take during this process is one of the things that is special about BLU. This is why BLU SEA MOSS is essentially tasteless and odorless, except the mild smell and taste of all the minerals and lime.

After the sea moss has been cleaned, it is soaked in spring water for 24 hours. Blue spirulina powder is added and then blended with the sea moss into a gel.

The sea moss gel is raw and ready to consume after being chilled in the refrigerator.

We use reusable frozen blocks and biodegradable bags/shipping peanuts (made from starch, fully compostable and Earth-friendly) to ensure you get you BLU as fresh as possible.

All shipping is Priority United States Postal Service.